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Welcome to Egg Art by Farha. These fascinating egg decoration galleries display beautifully decorated Ostrich, Emu, Rhea, Goose, Turkey, Duck and Chicken Eggs! Each of the eggs featured on this site are intricately cut, carved and decorated by hand using pearls, beads, brocade, velvet, satin and rhinestone chains, making each piece a masterpiece and one of its kind.

All efforts have been made by the egg artist to give a distinct original touch to each of the creationsThese decorated eggs make beautiful and exotic collectibles or gifts, a prized possession for any lover of art!

All eggs used for artistry belong to hatchery or farm grown birds only. No eggs are taken from the wild in conformity with international regulations.

Eggs can be shipped anywhere in the world, from a San Jose DUI lawyer office to a Sydney, Australia art gallery and anywhere in between. The eggs originate in New Delhi, India and are packed very, very carefully to ensure there are no mishaps during its journey. Regardless, insurance is recommended. For more information on ordering and shipping, you can visit the How to Order page.







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