About the Artist
Farha Sayeed has been interested in various art forms since her early days. After experimenting with different types of art like pencil sketching, aluminium foil work, charcoal painting, glass painting and silk painting, Farha picked up Egg Art as a profession more than a eighteen years ago. She experimented with the fusion of Indian and Islamic elements to this otherwise Western art.

Farha's repertoire of egg art include a wide selection of decorated Ostrich, Emu, Goose, Duck, Turkey, Guinea and Hen eggs. Each of Farha’s eggshells are intricately cut, carved and decorated by hand and ornamented using pearls, beads, crystals, brocade, velvet, satin, golden laces and rhinestone chains, making each piece a masterpiece and one of its kind. Farha employs various techniques for decorating egg shells like cutting, carving, decoupage, trolling, etching, engraving, dyeing and bead work.

Farha creates each egg art piece with great precision and ingenuity, involving several man hours of intricate work. The resulting Objets d’Art are masterpieces which would lead the connoisseurs of art on a voyage into the realm of beauty and splendour.

She uses a high speed turbine carver having speed of over 300,000 RPM for cutting tand etching of egg shells to reduce torque and prevent shattering. All eggs used by Farha for artistry belong to hatchery or farm grown birds only and no eggs are taken from the wild.

Farha has organised several shows and solo exhibitions of her Egg Sculptures including "EGGSPERIENCE" at Copenhagen, Denmark (April/May 2004); 'EGGCELLENCE' at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (June 2008); ‘EGGXOTICA’ at New Delhi, India (April 2010),  'EGGSPRESSIONS' at Sana'a, Yemen (June, 2012), "Eggstravaganza" Chicago, USA (March  2016) and "EGGSTRAORDINAIRE" in Mahe, Seychelles (November 2017). 

Farha also participated in the 40th Annual Eggs-Ibit International (Dallas Egg Show) 2014 held at Dallas from June 6-8, 2014.

Farha, a member of the International Egg Art Guild (IEAG), is a pioneer in promoting Egg Art in India. Several articles have been written on her art in prestigious newspapers and magazines of India and abroad. Farha has also been interviewed extensively on television and radio.