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Egg Art creations using fusion of two of more Egg types or mediums


Instant Attraction



This extraordinary piece of egg art is a fusion of intricately carved
Rhea egg and a Goose egg. Rhea egg is cut and elaborately carved into three delicate petals which are embellished with golden cord and ornamented all around with pseudo-crystals.  The petals open to hold a minutely carved goose egg, which is adorned with a silk print showing a beautiful lady. The egg is mounted on an attractive golden filigree stand.



Item No. F-1  
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Summer Victoria



A Rhea egg is beautifully carved in the shape of a skirt, which is lined from inside with maroon satin and decorated with golden cord and red flat back crystals. An additional piece of half skirt is carved and placed over the sides and back of the long skirt. A beautiful doll torso is painted and fixed to the skirt. An elegant umbrella made out another mini ostrich egg adds to the beauty of this art piece.


Item No. F-2  
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Egg Tea Set





This egg art piece is a fusion in which an Ostrich egg is converted into an elegant tea pot while two Geese eggs serve as cups.

The Ostrich egg is lined with pink satin from inside. The spout and the handle of the teapot are painted golden with liquid gold leaf. Both sides of the egg are decorated with similar water-sliding transfers, which are ornamented by golden filigree.

Two Geese eggs are painted with cream coloured acrylic paint and are cut in the shape of teacups. Liquid gold leaf is painted inside and on the outer rim of the cups. Both the sides of the cups are decorated with rose waterslide transfers. The tea set is placed on an acrylic base.

This extraordinary egg art creation is a must have for any collector of objets d’ art.
Item No. F-3  
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Cindrella's Journey





A Rhea egg is coated with pink pearl paint and cut in the form of an open coach. Two small doors are cut and hinged to the coach. The egg is lined with golden cord and decorated all around with rhinestone chain. Tiny filigrees are attached inside and outside of the coach. Crown filigree is placed atop a navette, which is fixed to the centre panel of the door and abutted by a pair of cherubs on the outer panels. A beautiful Cinderella sits on a couch placed inside the egg.

Two horses are painted white and a fabric saddle of velvet decorated with filigree is fitted to both the horses. The coach is placed on a Corian base.


Item No. F-4  
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Emu Musical Carousel


The Emu egg is cut into four portions. The middle portion is cut and reversed to fit on the top portion forming a canopy and the other portion forms the bottom half. Painted horses are placed alternatively up and down on the poles. Golden filigree and colourful braids add to the embellishment of the carousel. This fascinating Emu egg carousel plays music while rotating.


Item No. F-5  
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Tree of Life






This spectacular Egg Tree is made of three different and elaborately carved and ornamented Goose Eggs.

The first Goose Egg is carved free hand all around to form asymmetrical geometric pattern. The egg is divided into three hearts which are decorated with pearls. A large circle is painted to enhance the beauty of the egg.

The second Goose Egg is carved to form four diamond shapes outlined with pearl string and ornamented inside with waterslide transfers.

The third Goose Egg is divided into four equal parts and a very delicate cutting is done in between the pearl line.

A small pearl drop is placed at the bottom of each of the eggs.  The eggs are hung on a tree stand by golden chains.

Item No. F-6  
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Emu Eggshell is cut in the shape of a swan. The neck of the swan, made of Plaster of Paris, is painted black and affixed on the body of the swan. The wings are attached using shell-enlargement technique. The wings are raised using small golden filigree and decorated with red crystals all around.  A garland of red ribbon flowers is put around the swan’s neck.


Item No. F-7  
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Supreme Swan




In this creation a Goose egg is cut in the form of two delicately carved wings, which are ornamented with pure white beads and hinged on the sides. The neck of the swan is painted and decorated with pretty flowers. A Turkey egg decorated with sequence beads duplicates as the body of the swan.  In Indian mythology the Swan symbolizes a creature having great sense of spiritual awareness.


Item No. F-8  
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This is a pristine set of xanthous cameos, comprising of Goose and Araucana (smaller) eggs. Both these eggs have similar scallop or Prussian cutting and are decorated on the top with beautiful cameos. The eggs are lined inside with heavy maroon brocade.

Item No. F-9  
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